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Our proven methodolgy has helped companies of all sizes and industries reduce their parcel costs by an average of 20%. Our experience negotiating carrier agreements from both sides of the table results in win-win pricing and terms.

Case Study 1

A diversified manufacturer aquired a similar sized company and asked Parcel Recovery to assist in the RFP process. Parcel Recovery built a database of shipment data from over 50 locations, prepared the RFP and provided counsel throughtout the process. The result was a 21% combined savings and 'best-in-market' rates and agreement terms.

Case Study 2

A consumer goods company negotiated carrier agreements annually. Despite achiveing larger discounts to offset annual rate increases thier costs continued to increase. Parcel Recovery provided analysis and counsel to achieve lower minimum charges and surcharge discounts. The result was a 12% year-over-year reduction in parcel spend. The first net spend reduction the shipper experienced. 

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