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Parcel Recovery can audit all of your UPS, FedEx, DHL and Purolator invoices for billing errors.

Our comprehensive line-item audit will identify and recover all overcharges. Our audit process does not interfere with your shipping or accounts payable process.

Here are the most common overcharges:


• Service Refunds (late packages)

• Manifest Credits (manifested not shipped)

• No proof of delivery (lost package) claims

• Rate errors and incorrect discounts

• Duplicate charges

• Dimensional adjustments

• Weight adjustments

• Address correction surcharges

• Residential surcharges

• Account misuse


We are currently finding 2-10% of parcel charges are eligible for a credit.

The guaranteed service refunds alone can result in a significant savings.


How It Works:

1. On a weekly basis, your electronic carrier invoice(s) are sent to our attention

via e-mail or electronic transfer. We will provide detailed instructions for


2. Our audit will check for deliveries being made on schedule, as well as,

correct application of rates and accessorial charges.

3. As we identify late packages and billing errors, we will submit the claims to

the carrier. Your savings show on your next shipping invoice as refund and/or


4. We provide detailed weekly reports showing all credits and refunds.

Custom management reports and GL coding are also available.

5. Our charges are based on a percentage of credits and refunds or a per

package fee.

6.We invoice a percentage of the net credits on a monthly basis.

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