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Every year over $1 Billion in Service Refunds and Invoice Credits goes unclaimed by parcel shippers!

Was your package on time? We know.
Now more than ever, companies are doing more with less.  Less time, fewer resources and shrinking budgets are commonplace.   Your customers are expecting nothing less than perfection from you and your product.  Isn't it time to start expecting the same from the carriers that deliver your products?

UPS, FedEx and DHL have advertised guaranteed money back services for years.  Of course, they know it is too time consuming for most companies to track their packages, find out if it was delivered late and apply for a refund. 

We can help.  Our services will provide you with real savings.  And best of all, our only fees are a percentage of the actual refunds.

Start getting what you pay for. Contact Parcel Recovery today.


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